About this Site

This site was created in response to a mentee asking me to describe all the units in each faction and to identify their strengths and weaknesses.  At first, I felt this would be an easy task, but as I began to explain to him how everything worked, I found that the question was more difficult to answer than I had previously expected.  I thought to myself, what if there was some website I could direct him to that could easily explain the strengths and weaknesses of each individual unit and perhaps provide an example of its specific use in combat?  After realizing a site like this did not exist (or not searching hard enough), I decided that I would create this site myself, adding a unit database that provides personalized descriptions of Supreme Commander units as it pertains to online multiplayer. 

I decided expand that idea to include information about Supreme Commander, and eventually Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance.  Since I usually get a lot of questions from new players about how to use the GPGnet client, I also decided to create a simple and easy to follow tutorial of the client listing commonly used features.  In addition, I included links to some websites and strategy guides that I have used in order to become a better player.  My hope is that this information will help players that feel somewhat uncomfortable with online multiplayer to finally go out there and have some fun, whether it be in a custom game or in a ranked game.

Since I play consistently in 1v1 ranked games and tournaments, I felt that sharing my experience would help others to see the game from a different perspective, which would ultimately help them improve.  This guide, of course, is by no means complete.  I want readers not only to read my guide to find help, but also to suggest their own analysis of units that perhaps aren't listed here.  By amending this guide, I believe it can shape up to be a very, very useful tool for players of a wide range of skill levels.

Of course, content will be updated on a regular basis, and the changes will be noted on the blog on the front page.  Depending on the popularity of the site, I may start using the blog to talk about strategies and things I've personally experienced in multiplayer gameplay.

Special thanks goes out to -SUPREMe- for inspiring me to create this website.
Mad props goes out to nemir for being the biggest Supreme Commander addict.

Thank You for visiting!