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Aeon Land

Armored Command Unit

The Aeon ACU has 11,000 HP.  An ACU explosion is 4,000 HP.  If either your ACU or the enemy ACU are close to each other, and are both under 4,000HP, you both will receive a draw as long one ACU explodes close enough to the other ACU.

Another feature of the ACU is the overcharge ability.  Overcharge causes 70,000 damage plus some splash damage to every ground unit in the game except an enemy commander.  It takes 3,000 power to use one overcharge shot.  In the early T1 game, when overcharge is most useful, it is nice to know that one factory is enough to increase your maximum power storage to over 3,000.  The overcharge ability is most useful during a comrush into an enemy base, destroying enemy factories and engineers.  Overcharge is useful against point defenses your opponent has thrown up since your unwelcome arrival.

In addition, the ACU has several unique upgrade abilities.  These abilities pretty much divide into two distinct categories: making your ACU into an attacker or a builder.  On the attacking side, there's the heat sink upgrade (makes your cannon fire faster) and the Crysalis beam augmentation (increasing the range of your cannon).  In addition, the Aeon ACU may build a personal shield and then a heavy personal shield.  This provides extra protection for your ACU, and this upgrade is well advised before sending your ACU into battle.  There's an enhanced sensor system as well, but no one usually builds it since it's easily replaced by stationary radar.  On the building side, there's the T2 and T3 engineering suites as well as the resource allocation system.

The last upgrade is the personal teleporter.  The personal teleporter usually isn't used since it requires an enormous amount of power to upgrade and use.  It also takes about 20min without assistance to obtain.  The ACU must then be warped to a specific location and even then it takes additional time to charge the warp.

Tech 1

Land Scout: Spirit

Land scouts are by far the most useful unit in the game.  It is a mobile T1 radar that doesn't cost you any power.  Scouts are indispensable at tracking troop movements and providing you with intelligence.  Aeon land scouts can hover which give the Aeon a slight edge on water maps.  The top-mounted gun on the Spirit is only useful for killing other enemy scouts.

Light Assault Bot: Flare

The light assault bot is a cheap, quick unit mostly used for early engineer harassment.  They are best used in groups of two or three, accompanied by a land scout.  Using these light assault bots to engage enemy engineers is an excellent way to stifle early economy.  Also, six of these light assault bots can be loaded into a T1 light air transport, creating a ghetto gunship.

Light Tank: Aurora

The Aurora is the mainstay of the Aeon T1 strike force.  The Aurora fights best when it is in formation with other units and accompanied by scouts.  This is because its cannon has a longer range than the other factions' T1 tanks.  The Aurora has a slow turn radius so its very important to keep the enemy in front of you in order to take advantage of the Aurora's range.  In addition, the Aurora also can also hover giving the Aeon a clear advantage over the other factions on maps with water.

Mobile Light Artillery: Fervor

The Aeon mobile light artillery is used to take out stationary buildings such as point defenses, mass extractors, and factories.  It is good to put them in formation with the T1 light tanks to give them some ground support against attacking units.

Mobile Anti-Air Gun: Thistle

The Aeon Mobile Anti-Air Gun is good at taking out T1 bombers and interceptors.  T1 scouts are usually quick enough to outrun the sonic pulse battery.  It takes a group of three or more to successfully fend off one ghetto gunship.

Tech 2

Heavy Tank: Obsidian

The T2 Obsidian is the basic heavy tank of the Aeon ground forces.  It is equipped with a personal shield as well as a quantum cannon.  Although strong and shielded, the heavy tank does not do enough damage by itself.  It is better to intersperse them with other T2 units in order to create a more diverse army.

Mobile AA Flak Artillery: Ascendant

The T2 Mobile AA Flak is an excellent unit to use for anti-air support.  It is particularly effective against scouts, interceptors, bombers, and gunships.  They provide ample anti-air coverage, and is a cheaper way of getting anti-air up fast when it is needed. Use them.  In addition, the Aeon Ascendant has hovering capabilities allowing it to travel on water.

Mobile Missile Launcher: Evensong

The Aeon Mobile Missile Launcher is very effective against an enemy that is still Tech 1.  This is because of its range, out-ranging structures such as the T1 point defense.  Because of this, you can use them to destroy these point defenses before charging with your attack force, minimizing losses.  In addition, it does significant damage to other buildings and ACUs.  Several ways to counter these missiles are by using shields and tactical missile defense.

Mobile Shield Generator: Asylum

The Aeon Mobile Shield Generator is much like the UEF shield except it is stronger and can hover over water.  Using a number of these units work great in formation with other assault units.  When setting up a formation, the shields will set themselves up in such a way that they will cover the majority, if not all, of the units.  The hovering capability of the Asylum allows it to shield the Aeon navy allowing them to encroach on an enemy base with a solid artillery defense.

Tech 3

Siege Assault Bot: Harbinger

The Harbinger is a very powerful siege assault bot.  It works well in large groups, but dies fairly quickly to T2 Point Defense and support command units.  In addition to being powerful and durable, the Harbinger also has the capability of repairing and reclaiming units on the battlefield.  This is particularly helpful after an enemy outpost has been stormed since the Harbingers, which used to be attack units can temporarily reclaim some of the wreckage for mass.  The same scenario works for Harbingers during a T3 siege bot clash.  Harbingers can use their repair gun to reclaim the smoking rubble of their enemies.

Mobile Heavy Artillery: Serenity

The Serenity is unique in that it can move and fire at the same time.  Mobile Heavy Artillery can be useful in taking out T2 point defense.  However, what usually happens is the enemy most likely has T2 artillery, which has the range to destroy T3 mobile artillery.  Siege bots are also very effective in wiping out mobile artillery.  In addition, mobile artillery are vulnerable to air attacks as well.  In general, T3 mobile artillery are never used because the resources could instead be used to produce siege bots.

Support Command Unit

The Aeon Support Command Unit is neat because it hosts a variety of different upgrades that make it powerful.  Unfortunately, it is the most expensive support commander of the three factions.  Much like the ACU, the support command unit can go down one of two paths, the builder, or the attacker.  Support commanders are most often used for their Resource Allocation Subsystems (RAS), which make them mobile mass/power farms that can build, hide, or shoot at things.  The Aeon RAS gives the support commander +18 mass and +2700 power.  Along with RAS, the support commander can also be upgraded with the engineering focusing module, making it a very fast builder.

As for the attacking side, one of the best upgrades to give to a Aeon sCU is the personal and heavy shield system.  This gives much more hitpoints to the Aeon commander, allowing it to kill more things.  In addition, it can be upgraded with the system integrity compensator upgrade, which allows it to regenerate health much faster than it did before.  This system is not nearly as good as the one the Cybrans have, and this upgrade is usually forgone in order to get a shield.  Finally, the commander can be upgraded with the stability suppressant, which enables its reacton cannon to have splash damage on targets.  These three upgrades make the support commander completely combat ready.

The other upgrades for the sCU are not really that useful.  The teleporter takes 20min to upgrade making it a very unfeasible choice.  The sacrificial preparations upgrade allows the sCU to be sacrificed in order to build something quicker.  This upgrade usually isn't used because an sCU is relatively expensive and you're paying for an upgrade in order to destroy it.  It makes much more sense to sacrifice engineers.


Sacred Assault Bot: Galactic Colossus

The Galactic Colossus is big and slow.  The main problem with this experimental is that it takes way too much resources to make, and takes way too long to build.  Even after it's built, it travels slow enough for an enemy scout to spot it.  Then, the enemy can prepare for it by deploying strategic bombers or building T2 point defense farms.  The Galactic Colossus serves little purpose on the battlefield because of how slow it is.  It is, however, a nice statue for your base.

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