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Aeon Sea

Tech 1

Attack Submarine: Sylph

The Sylph is the basic sea-to-sea combat vessel for the Aeon.  It is the most effective unit against other sea combat units ranging from Frigates to Battleships.  Even though an individual submarine does not do a lot of damage to higher tech level sea units, when used in large groups, they are capable of single-handedly wiping out entire navies.

Two common ways a player can defeat a large submarine force is to either use a similar submarine force or to use torpedo bombers.  The second option is preferred, especially if the enemy submarines do not have any anti-air support.  The Aeon submarine does not have a weapon mounted on its hull and is limited to only sea based attacks.

Attack Boat: Shard

The Attack Boat is a light, quick, and cheap naval unit that is only equipped with an AA gun.  When used in large groups it is very effective at defending against light air assaults.  Unfortunately, since the attack boat cannot defend itself from the land or the sea, it often becomes easy prey.

Frigate: Beacon Class

The Aeon Frigate is a sturdy ship that is limited only to shore bombardment.  However, it is not defenseless against submarines.  The Frigate hosts anti-torpedo countermeasure that destroy incoming torpedoes.  This allows the Frigate to help defend itself against enemy subs, while its own subs can go in and finish the job. 

The Aeon Frigate also has scouting abilities.  In addition to being a scout and a basic assault ship, frigates are also known for defending against Aeon Light Tanks.  Aeon light tanks die to frigates often, making the frigate a good coastal guard unit.

Tech 2

Cruiser: Infinity Class

The Aeon Cruiser is the solution to a navy's anti-air problem.  The cruiser can quickly and effectively destroy a large number of aircraft.  In addition to its primary AA guns, the cruiser also comes with a quantum cannon for shore bombardment and a tactical missile defense.

Destroyer: Exodus Class

The Aeon Destroyer has standard oblivion cannons, anti-air guns, as well as torpedo launchers to counter enemy submarines.  The anti-air guns are not nearly as effective as the cruiser's so it is important for a destroyer to have additional AA support.

Tech 3

Battleship: Omen Class

The Aeon Battleship is ugly, but strong nevertheless.  The battleship has multiple cannons for shore bombardment and a tactical missile defense.  Note that the Aeon battleship is not prepared to defend itself against torpedoes or air units.  Thus, make sure the battleship has a number of submarine escorts as well as some cruisers for additional AA support.

Aircraft Carrier: Keefer Class

The Aeon Aircraft Carrier is only equipped with standard anti-aircraft guns.  The purpose of the aircraft carrier to be able to serve as a mobile refuel and repair station for friendly aircraft.  In addition to servicing existing aircraft, the carrier also has the ability to build its own air units, granting more air units to an existing arsenal.  The aircraft carrier is open to tactical missiles and submarines so make sure it is well defended before sending it out into battle.


Submersible Battleship: Tempest

The Tempest is a large sea platform capable of building sea units.  Above water, it can be used as a battleship, using its massive oblivion cannon to inflict damage from the sea.  Below water, it can defend itself from a sea attack using its own torpedo launchers.  The Tempest is truly a multi-functional experimental, being able to bombard from the sea, while defending itself locally from an enemy navy.  The Tempest does not have AA guns and is prone to torpedo bomber attacks as well as any other conventional air attack when it is above water.

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