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Cybran Land

Armored Command Unit

The Cybran ACU has 10,000 HP.  An ACU explosion is 4,000 HP.  As Cybran, you have to be careful during a comrush since you have the lowest amount of HP.  If either your ACU or the enemy ACU are close to each other, and are both under 4,000HP, you both will receive a draw as long one ACU explodes close enough to the other ACU.

Another feature of the ACU is the overcharge ability.  Overcharge causes 70,000 damage plus some splash damage to every unit in the game except an enemy commander.  It takes 3,000 power to use one overcharge shot.  In the early T1 game, when overcharge is most useful, it is nice to know that one factory is enough to increase your maximum power storage to over 3,000.  The overcharge ability is most useful during a comrush into an enemy base, destroying enemy factories and engineers.  Overcharge is also useful against point defenses your opponent has thrown up since your unwelcome arrival.

In addition, the ACU has several unique upgrade abilities.  These abilities pretty much divide into two distinct categories: making your ACU into an attacker or a builder.  On the attacking side, there's the cooling upgrade (makes your cannon fire faster) and the microwave laser generator (makes you shoot monkeybot style lasers).  There's the nanite torpedo upgrade as well, but no one usually builds it since it's not very good.  On the building side, there's the T2 and T3 engineering suites as well as the resource allocation system.

The last two upgrades are the personal cloaking generator, the personal stealth generator, and the personal teleporter.  The personal teleporter usually isn't used since it requires an enormous amount of power to upgrade and use.  It also takes about 20min without assistance to obtain.  The Cybran personal cloaking generator is useful since it allows the Commander to be permanently hidden from radar view, at least until T3 omni.  The Cybran personal stealth generator isn't really useful because by the time you get it, the enemy most definitely already has a T3 omni sensor anyways.

Tech 1

Land Scout: Mole

Land scouts are by far the most useful unit in the game.  It is a mobile T1 radar that doesn't cost any power.  Scouts are indispensable at tracking troop movements and providing you intelligence when you need it.  The Cybran mole also has the ability to cloak itself for only 20 power.  Thus, the scout can be hidden somewhere and give you intel without your enemy's knowledge.

Light Assault Bot: Hunter

The light assault bot is a cheap, quick unit mostly used for early engineer harassment.  They are best used in groups of two or three, accompanied by a land scout.  Using these light assault bots to engage enemy engineers is an excellent way to stifle early economy.  Also, six of these light assault bots can be loaded into a T1 light air transport, creating a ghetto gunship.

Heavy Assault Bot: Mantis

The T1 Mantis is the Cybran's main battle tank.  At T1, this is the offensive unit to produce.  Unlike the other factions' T1 assault tanks, the mantis is at its best when it is not in formation, swarming and overtaking other T1 units.  This is the unit to use at T1.

Mobile Light Artillery: Medusa

The Cybran Mobile Light Artillery is very bad.  Don't ever build one of these.

Mobile Anti-Air Gun: Sky Slammer

The Cybran Mobile Anti-Air Gun is good at taking out T1 bombers and interceptors.  T1 scouts are usually quick enough to outrun the nanodart launcher.  However, if the scout is still within radar coverage, the nanodart will continue to chase the scout until it's destroyed.  If necessary, the Sky Slammer can also divert its cannons and become a ground assault vehicle.  However, the little damage it does is not nearly enough to make it an effective anti-ground unit.  It takes a group of three or more to successfully fend off one ghetto gunship.

Tech 2

Heavy Tank: Rhino

The Cybran Heavy Tank is the best T2 ground unit as compared to the other faction.  This is because it uses direct-fire lasers to destroy other tanks.  The lasers do not miss.  The only problem with them is that it has the inability to fire over hills and walls.  However, on flat maps, and against opponents who don't use walls, Rhinos are an excellent unit to charge enemy strongholds.

Mobile Missile Launcher: Viper

The Cybran Mobile Missile Launcher is very effective against an enemy that is still Tech 1.  This is because of its range.  The Viper out-ranges T1 structures such as the point defense.  Because of this, you can use them to destroy these point defenses before charging with your attack force, minimizing losses.  In addition, it does significant damage to other buildings and ACUs.  Several ways to counter these missiles are by using shields and tactical missile defense.

Amphibious Tank: Wagner

The Wagner is a silly unit.  It does fairly small amounts of damage and aren't very sturdy, dying easily to enemy submarines and T1 point defenses.  The Wagner traverses water by traveling on the ocean floor.  However, they cannot defend themselves under water and are easily spotted by enemy submarines.  Wagners are rarely ever used.

Mobile AA Flak: Banger

The T2 Mobile AA Flak is an excellent unit for AA support.  It is particularly effective against scouts, interceptors, bombers, and gunships.  They provide ample anti-air coverage, and is a cheaper way of getting anti-air up fast when it is needed. Use them.  The Cybran mobile AA Flak also has a funny name.

Mobile Stealth Field System: Deceiver

The Mobile Stealth Generator is a useful unit for the Cybran mainly because it can be loaded on a transport, making the transport invisible to enemy radar.  Thus, engineers or other units can be transported in the same transport, allowing stealthy troop movement.  The most common application of the Deceiver is transporting it along with 3 other T2 engineers in a transport close enough to an enemy base either to perform a T2 Point Defense push or an ACU snipe with TML-4s.

Tech 3

Siege Assault Bot: Loyalist

The Loyalist is a unique siege assault bot.  It works well in large groups, but dies fairly quickly to T2 Point Defense and support command units.  Although it has lower life and does less damage than its UEF and Aeon counterparts, the Loyalist has a tactical missile redirection system.  Thus if T2 missile launchers are firing at something, if you move a Loyalist next to that object, the missile will redirect backwards and miss its target.    This means that Loyalists can never be engaged by T2 mobile missile launchers or any other units that use tactical missiles. 

In addition, the Loyalist has a death EMP that freezes adjacent enemy units for a few seconds.  This is very effective in larger battles where units can crowd each other. 

The most effective way to destroy a group of siege assault bots is either with a similar force of siege assault bots, lots of T2 point defenses, or support commanders.

Mobile Heavy Artillery: Trebuchet

Mobile Heavy Artillery can be useful in taking out T2 point defense.  However, what usually happens is the enemy most likely has T2 artillery, which has the range to destroy T3 mobile artillery.  Siege bots are also very effective in wiping out mobile artillery.  In addition, mobile artillery are vulnerable to air attacks as well.  T3 mobile artillery are rarely used because the resources could instead be used to produce siege bots.

Support Command Unit

The Cybran Support Command Unit is neat because it hosts a variety of different upgrades that make it incredibly powerful.  Much like the ACU, the support command unit can go down one of two paths, the builder or the attacker.  Support commanders are most often used for their Resource Allocation Subsystems (RAS), which make them mobile mass/power farms that can build, hide, or shoot at things.  The Cybran RAS gives the support commander +12 mass and +3500 power.  Along with RAS, the support commander can also be upgraded with the switchback engineering suite, making it a very fast builder.

As for the attacking side, one of the best upgrades to give to a Cybran sCU is the self repair system.  This allows the Cybran sCU to regenerate its hit points at an alarmingly quick rate.  To put it into context, five or six T3 siege assault bots would not damage the sCU enough for it to take any real damage.  In addition, it can be upgraded with the Focus Converter upgrade, which allows its main canon to fire much faster.  These two upgrades make the support commander combat ready.  Unfortunately, the Cybran sCU is inaccurate when it's moving, having a tendency to shoot to the right of its target.  The EMP Charge is also nice, but not really that necessary.  How can you kill such a commander?  The only way to inflict enough damage so the self-repair system cannot keep up is to use either lots and lots of siege bots, sCUs, or T3 strategic bombers.

The other upgrades for the sCU are not really that useful.  The cloaking and stealth generator are irrelevant since your enemy most likely already has a T3 omni sensor, and the nanite missile system will not effectively protect the sCU from strategic bombers, which are the only real air threat to it anyway.


Spiderbot: Monkeylord

The Monkeylord, or more commonly known as the Monkeybot, is one of the most fun experimentals to use.  In addition to being gigantic, it also fires a really awesome laser.  Monkeybots work best in groups of two or more accompanied by a batallion of siege bots.  The Monkeybot is mainly used for breaking a turtle, a person who has entrenched himself so deep that T3 siege bot attacks simply won't work.  The Monkeybot can also defend itself underwater with torpedoes.  The Monkeybot also has a stealth generator.

Strategic bombers can be used to defend against Monkeybots, although a large number should be sent since the Monkeybot is equipped with AA missiles.  As Cybran, another Monkeybot or a Soul Ripper (experimental gunship) works well.  As UEF, broadswords are the most efficient.  As Aeon, Mercies are the weapon of choice.  It's also worth mentioning that a Monkeybot can be destroyed with one overcharge from an ACU.  Remember that, because it could save your life one day.

Experimental Mobile Rapid Fire Artillery: Scathis

The Scathis is the most interesting shaped experimental.  It is an artillery unit that fires a barrage of shells at an enemy target at a relatively rapid rate.  Each shell costs 10,000 power so make sure you have lots of power and some energy storage before the artillery is complete.  Three sCUs with Resource Allocation Systems provides more than enough power for a Scathis to fire.  A Scathis is incapable of penetrating layered UEF or Aeon T3 Heavy Shield Generators.  The Scathis cannot really target an individual building as it does not have good accuracy.  It dies quickly to T3 Strategic Bombers.

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