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Cybran Structures

Tech 2

Point Defense: Cerberus

The Cerberus Point Defense is probably the most effective of the T2 Point Defenses.  It is incredibly damaging because it uses a direct-fire laser that doesn't miss its targets.  The lasers fire so fast that they almost seem constant.  One problem with the Cerberus is the fact that it has a hard time firing in hilly terrain and at walled-off structures.  Due to the direct-fire nature of the structure, a wall or a hill stops the laser in its tracks, so even though the point defense recognizes an enemy unit is close by, it does not have the proper position to kill it.  For this reason, it is smart to build these point defenses on top of hills where they can take full advantage of their range and superior accuracy.

Anti-Air Flak Artillery: Burst Master

The Cybran Anti-Air Flak operates much like the other factions' flak cannon.  It is useful throughout the entire game as well as throughout Tech 3.  When grouped together with T3 SAM launchers, they create a nearly impenetrable air defense, forcing the enemy to resort to another means of attack.  It is important to note that these anti-air structures prioritize bombers over any other aircraft.  The Anti-Air Flak is also the gunship's worst nightmare and can be built on water.

Artillery Installation: Gunther

Cybran artillery, although somewhat accurate, does the least amount of damage as compared to the other factions.  The problem with Cybran artillery does't actually lie with the artillery itself, but rather with the shields that protect them.  Since Cybran also have the weakest shields, a direct artillery vs. artillery battle always puts the Cybran player at a disadvantage.  This is especially true when a non-Cybran opponent builds a shield that covers their own artillery.  Not only will be the other artillery out-damage the Cybran artillery, but the Cybran will not be able to create an equal defense since their shields are so weak.  For this reason, it's best not to build artillery, and instead focus on building tactical missiles for ranged combat.

Tactical Missile Launcher: TML-4

The TML-4 is one of my favorite structures because of its application in stealthy play and surprise attacks.  Although relatively expensive to build, the TML-4 is the most effective Tactical Missile Launcher as compared to the others.  Tactical Missiles also have a certain amount of splash damage.  The TML-4 works best when your enemy doesn't know about it.

The most common application of the TML-4 is the commander snipe, where a Cybran player builds two or three missile launchers in range of a stationary enemy commander.  It takes 2 tactical missiles to kill a Cybran Commander and 3 tactical missiles to kill a UEF or Aeon commander.  As soon as the launchers are done, each launcher can begin construction on its own missile.  As soon as that's done, launch the missiles simultaneously, and sit back and enjoy the fireworks.  If your opponent has not scouted you, there probably won't be any tactical missile defenses around.  However, shields easily stop tactical missiles so be sure that the commander is out in the open before attempting such a tactic.

Tactical Missile Defense: Zapper

The Zapper is an effective tactical missile defense that "zaps" the missile as it flies into range.  The zapping procedure steadily breaks up the missile until it disappears and is destroyed.  Because of the way tactical missiles are destroyed, one TMD usually isn't enough.  Three or more zappers are required to make an effective tactical missile defense.  Of course, the more you have, the better your defense becomes.  Tactical Missile Defense may be built on water.

Shield Generator: ED1-ED5

The Cybran Shield Generator is the only shield generator that can be upgraded multiple times.  In addition, engineers are able to assist the shield in order to keep it online longer when it is under siege.  Shield assisting takes a lot of resources so it should only be done only when absolutely necessary.

There is a common misconception about these shields - that Cybran shields are T4.  Well, yes, Cybran shields can be upgraded a maximum of 4 times.  However, even at the "T4" level, Cybran shields still have the worst amount of HP as compared to T3 UEF and Aeon Heavy Shields.  As a matter of fact, Cybran must first build ED1 shields and then upgrade it to ED5, which takes a tremendous amount of resources and time.  The lack of good shields make the Cybran ineffective at turtling.  Their time is better spent using their stealth technology to carry out surprise attacks.

Tech 3

Anti-Air SAM Launcher Myrmidon

The Cybran Anti-Air SAM Launcher operates much like the Aeon's SAM Launcher.  It provides a very effective air defense by firing volleys of missiles that track its target.  When grouped together with T2 Anti-Air Flak, they create a nearly impenetrable air defense, forcing the enemy to resort to another means of attack.  It is important to note that these anti-air structures prioritize bombers over any other aircraft.  In addition, they are very effective against flying experimental units.  The SAM Launcher may be built on water.

Heavy Artillery Installation: Disruptor

The Cybran Heavy Artillery has the worst damage output of all the T3 Heavy Artilleries.  However, in my opinion, this disadvantage is irrelevant.  If you find yourself building a T3 Heavy Artillery as Cybran, you're probably not in a very good position anyway.  Since Cybran have inferior shields and artillery, a Cybran player cannot expect to win through an artillery battle.  The time and effort making a T3 artillery is better spent figuring out how to infiltrate the enemy base in some other way.  Cybrans never win a 1v1 T3 artillery battle if each player is equally skilled.

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