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UEF Structures

Tech 2

Point Defense: Triad

The Triad is a rapid firing cannon that is capable of warding of a sizable assault.  It fires much quicker than its Aeon counterpart, the Oblivion Cannon, and has the ability to lead its targets, although it does miss from time to time.  Triads are best used for defending the base against Siege Bot Assaults, since slower moving units allow the Triads to get more hits.  Of course, like all T2 point defenses, the more you have, the more effective the defense.

Anti-Air Flak Artillery: Air Cleaner

The UEF Anti-Air Flak operates much like the other factions' flak cannon.  It is useful throughout the entire game as well as throughout Tech 3.  When grouped together with T3 SAM launchers, they create a nearly impenetrable air defense, forcing the enemy to resort to another means of attack.  It is important to note that these anti-air structures prioritize bombers over any other aircraft.  Flak is also the gunship's worst nightmare, and can be built over water.

Arillery Installation: Klink Hammer

The Klink Hammer is an accurate artillery that deals a fair amount of damage.  T2 Artilleries are mainly used to force a turtling player to attack.  If a player's base is being shelled, that player is compelled to destroy this artillery in order to prevent any more destruction.  Artilleries are almost always accompanied by shields as an additional form of protection, since they have a low number of hit points.

Tactical Missile Launcher: Aloha

The UEF tactical missile launcher is similar to the Aeon tactical missile launcher.  In addition to being very helpful in taking out buildings such as factories, point defenses, and artilleries, another good use of the TML is fighting away sea attacks.  Since T2 destroyers do not come equipped with a tactical missile defense, and tend to remain stationary while firing at a target, they make easy prey.  Tactical Missiles must be built inside the launcher individually and the target must be set by the player.  The TML is the stronger, more accurate form of the artillery since their ranges are very similar.

Tactical Missile Defense: Buzzkill

The UEF tactical missile defense uses a machine-gun that shoots tactical missiles out of the sky.  The problem with this defense, however, is that there is a short delay time that occurs after the TMD has fired.  Although this time is not usually long enough to make a difference, the tactical missile defense is rendered useless for a couple of a seconds, which may allow some tactical missiles to get through.  This becomes especially risky when tactical missiles are targeting the ACU.  It is therefore recommended to build more than one Buzzkill to have an effective tactical missile defense.  The Buzzkill may also be built on water.

Shield Generator: SD - Pulse

The UEF have fairly strong shields.  The benefit of these shields, compared to the Aeon, is that they may be upgraded to T3 shields when your economy can support it, making the shield stronger and increasing its radius of coverage.  Use these shields, since they provide sufficient cover for many of your assets from weapon installations to resource buildings.  In addition, engineers are able to assist the shield in order to keep it online longer when it is under siege.  Shield assisting takes a lot of resources so it should only be done only when absolutely necessary.

Tech 3

Anti-Air SAM Launcher: Flayer

The UEF Anti-Air SAM Launcher is the worst SAM Launcher of the three factions.  Unlike the Cybran SAM Launcher, which fires out a volley of missiles, the UEF SAM Launcher fires individual missiles that guide their targets.  What's the problem with this?  If your opponent were to send air scouts and interceptors to draw away AA fire from bombers, the UEF SAM Launcher would re-target the bombers, as it is supposed to, but only with the next missiles that are fired from the Launcher.  This small amount of time may be just enough for strategic bombers to drop their payload onto whatever their intended target was.

Despite these shortcomings, the UEF SAM Launcher is still very effective against flying experimental units.  It can also be built on water.

Heavy Artillery Installation: Duke

The UEF Heavy Artillery does a significant amount of damage.  It is more powerful the Cybran T3 artillery, but is slightly weaker than the Aeon T3 artillery.  The T3 artillery has a considerably large range, so it's best to build it in your base provided the map is not ridiculously big.  It usually takes only one T3 artillery to break through a standard shield formation (as opposed to layered see below) and devastate the base below the shield.  If your opponent doesn't even have shields, the artillery will rip through your opponent's base.

Heavy Shield Generator: HSD Pulse

UEF Heavy Shield Generators are tough shields, second only to the Aeon Heavy Shield Generator.  A very common tactic in shield building is to place the next shield inside the dome of the original shield.  Thus, if one shield falters, the other shield is around to defend the first shield, giving it time to recuperate and become operational again.  Using this technique, you can create layer after layer of shields, creating a safe and impenetrable web over your base.


Strategic Artillery: Mavor

The Mavor is a game winning building.  As soon as it is up, if you're opponent can't breach your defenses, you might as well say GG, because that's exactly what's going to happen.  It does an insane amount of damage and has an extremely rapid fire rate of 8sec.  The only problem with the Mavor is that it is fairly expensive (3 Scathis') and takes a considerable amount of time to make (5 Hours for an unassisted T3 engineer).  The choice of making it is up to you, but know that the Mavor rarely sees battle in ranked games.

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